Pariikshya lokaan karmachitaan brahmanaha

nirvedamaayaannaastyakritah kritena |

Tadvigyaanaartham sa gurumevaabhigacchet

samitpaanih shrotriyam brahmanishhtham ||

Having examined all the worlds (experiences) that are gained by Actions, a wise student renounces the world as a source of happiness. Nothing that is eternal can be produced by what is not eternal. In order to understand That (Brahman), let him, with suitable offerings in hand, approach a Guru who is well-versed in the Vedas and is ever-established in the Brahman.

- Mundaka Upanishad (1.2.12)

Erudition being His forte and experience His playground, Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth is the embodiment of Vedanta, guiding seekers around the globe.

Unfolding the technical complexities of Vedanta, Pujya Gurudev's talks are inundated with the instructions on Brahma-Vidya. His inimitable and lucid style, packed with excellent witticisms and trademark humor are enjoyed thoroughly by the disciples. With the help of simple examples and anecdotes, Acharya relates the message of Vedanta to our mundane lives - thus enlivening the quest to learn and follow the scriptural teachings.

Unparalleled in His grasp of Vedanta and unequaled in His eloquence, Pujya Acharya ever revels in the joy of Self-Knowledge as He unravels the true nature of Self, be it the regular Vedanta classes for a selected group of students, or at public venues. Like a queen-bee, Acharya gives us the honey-pot of Vedanta while He Himself enjoys the nectar of the Jnana-pushpas.

In accordance with the Guru-parampara, Pujya Acharya has expounded on many Prakaranams at various venues. At one end, while He methodically instructs highly technical didactical treatises; the fragrance of Bhakthi permeates from His being when He delivers talks on scriptures like Srimadbhagavatham.

With the noblest vision of introducing the scriptures to many, Pujya Acharya teaches regular classes, frequently conducts programs at various venues in Andhra Pradesh, and organizes residential Sadhana Camps at many holy places across India. Having initiated the Jnana Mahayagna Project, Pujya Acharya has successfully conducted a 54-day Bhagavadgita Jnana Mahayagna in 2007 , a 38-day Astavakragita Jnana Mahayagna in 2010 and 64 day Srimadbhagavata Jnana Mahayagna in 2011. Many of His discourses have been telecast on many television channels.

With the intention to introduce and propagate the Vedic vision, Pujya Acharya instructs students and officials at educational and administrative institutions on the finer aspects of Vaidika Dharma and it's contribution in the issues like Enhancing family relations, Morality in Administration, Efficient Management etc. He has also delivered lectures across USA, Jamaica and Grand Cayman Islands and being deeply interested in the study of world cultures, He tours extensively around the world and has visited countries like Nepal, Tibet, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and UAE.

Sampoorna jagadeva nandanavanam sarvepi kalpa dhruma

Gangavari samasthavarinivaha, punyaa samastha kriya

Vacha prakrutha samskrutha sruthi siro Varanasi medhini

Sarvavasthithirasya vasthu vishaya drushte parabrahmani

To Him who realizes Brahman, the entire world is a perfumed garden,

All trees are like Kalpa vrukshas, all water is the water of Ganga,

All His actions are pure and blessed, all His talks whether,

unpolished or cultured are fragrant with the essence of Vedas.

- Sri Adi Sankara's Dhanyashtakam

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