Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth's discourses have inspired many round the world by illuminating their lives with the beacon of Vedanta. Their expression of joy is manifested as Shastra For You with the sole intention of propagating His teachings in the electronic media.

Every word uttered by Pujya Acharya echoes the very essence of Vedanta and soaks the minds of seekers in the Advaita Amrutam.

Vedanta Sadhana is the highest and most pious form of Sadhana that a man has to attempt as this is the direct means to Moksha, the real goal of human life.

Yathsaukhyaambudhi laesalaesatha imae sakraadhayo nirvrithaa

Yachithae nitharaam prashaanthakalanae labdhvaa munirnirvrithah |

Yasmin nithya sukhaambudhau galithadheerbrahmaiva na brahmavith

Yah kaschit sa suraendhravandhithapado noonam maneeshaa mama ||

The Self, which is Brahman, is the eternal ocean of supreme bliss. A minute fraction of that bliss is enough to satisfy Indra and other gods. By meditating on the self with a perfectly calm mind, the sage experiences fulfillment. The person whose mind is identified with the Brahman is not a mere knower but Brahman himself. Such a person, who ever it may be, his feet are worthy of worship by even Lord Indra. This is my firm conviction.

- Maneesha Panchakam by Sri Adi Sankara

To achieve this goal, Upanishads have thus instructed -

"Atma vare drashtavyaha srothavyaha manthavyaha nidhi dhyasitavyaha"

The non-dual self is to be understood by - Shravanam, Mananam and Nidhidhyasanam.

Shravanam - Sakala Vedantanaam Tatparyavadharanam

To carefully absorb the teachings of the Acharya while He unfolds the meanings of Vedantic scriptures

Mananam - Shruti Vakya Vedanta Anuguna Yukhtibhir Anavaratham Anuchintanam

To dwell upon the meanings and apply logic ascertained by Vedanta to resolve the doubts.

Nidhihyasanam - Advitiya Vastu Sajatiya Pratyaya Pravaaham

To internalize the teachings by a constant stream of thoughts on the non-dual Brahman - the self of all.

Having instructed thus, the great Acharyas have also proclaimed - "Shastragnyopi Atmnaveshanam Swatantryena na Kuryaath"- inquiry into the Atman should not be done independently (only to be pursued under the guidance of the Acharya)

At every stage, Shastra has established the significance of the Guru-Sishya tradition in the pursuit of Atma Jnana, evident examples are, the various scriptures have been instructed by a Guru to a Shishya; be it Upanishads, Bhagavadgita (Krishna-Arjuna), Srimadbhagavata Puranam (Suka Maharshi-Parikshit Maharaja).

Following the tradition of Teacher-Taught, this is a sincere attempt to serve our Pujya Acharya in His glorious vision of expounding on the Prasthana Trayam and other Vedanta Prakaranams, and kindling the spiritual zeal in sadhakas.

We hope "Shastra For You" will prove to be an infallible support in your pursuit.

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