Alochana – Andolana


Telugu | Talks 2 (mp3 Audio)

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These discourses were delivered by Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji in the course of His trip to USA in the year 2013 at Arizona, USA.

In this series, Pujya Acharya addresses the affliction of ‘Worry’ that curtails our mind and renders us powerless in solving problems. Pujya Acharya equips you to solve your problems by resolving all your worries!

Some important topics covered are:
Is Worry Real? #Real Problem and Projected Problem #4-step mechanism of Worry #Thinking vs. Deliberate Thinking #How to be Creative? #Source of Hurt & Guilt and Fear # Devotion – as an answer to Worry #Intelligence In-charge #Problem oriented vs. Solution oriented thinking #4-step answer to Worry

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