Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam


Telugu | Talks-14  (mp3 Audio)

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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam is a celebrated Hymn composed by Sri Ramana Maharshi in the glory of Lord Arunachala. These enlightening lectures bring to light the secrets of sadhana at each step.

The slokas serve both as a prayer and a treatise of Vedanta. Therefore they are a perfect blend of Bhakti and Darshana (Devotion & Philosophy).

The Arunachala Pancharatnam is compared to the Brahma Sutras in encompassing the Upanishad Vijnanam in terse yet meaningful slokas that are doubtless in illuminating the complete essence of the Vedas. This is the first time that the Prakaranam has been thoroughly elucidated and presented in the form of discourses.