Sri Parasurama Krutam – Sri Rama Stotram (Adhyatma Ramayanam)


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Excerpts from Nama Ramayanam  – Bala Kanda*

These discourses are a part of the Nama Ramayana Adhyayanam and Ramanamasankirtan offered every Ekadasi at the Vyakhya Center.  In Adhyatma Ramayana, during the course of the episode where Sage Parasurama’s ego is defeated by Lord Sri Rama, the Sage sings a hymn in praise of Bhagawan Sri Ramachandra. These talks elaborate the teachings from this hymn. Some of the important points are:

#Why do we require Sadhana? #Eligibility for Grace #Attitude towards Ishwara Sankeertanam #“Ka: Tvam” to “Koham” #Abhimanam and Dukham #First step in Sadhana #Importance of Mahatmas in Sadhana #Bhakti becoming Upasana #Bhakti to eradicate Avidya…

Highly recommended for beginners and the seekers of Vedanta.
* Need not purchase if you have purchased NAMA RAMAYANAM – BALA KANDA as they are included in the same.