Talks on God


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This unique collection of discourses was delivered by Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji across India, United States and Jamaica. These discourses cover topics that provide answers to many questions arising in the minds of those who seek to have a better understanding of God. A must listen collection, which clearly provides the validity and reasons behind certain practices of Hindu religion. The four talks of this collection are –  1.God is or Not?  2.Vision of God  3.Vision of Veda  4.Viswarupa

These discourses include topics such as #Definition of God #Existence of God and logical proof #Role of Scriptures in shaping Human life #Human birth and it’s most important goal #Concept behind Idol worship #Significance of numerous deities of Hindu religion #Religion and it’s connection to arts & culture #Types of bhakti (Anekarupa, Ekarupa & Arupa bhaktis) and their progression into one another  #Role of God in life & establishing relationship with God #Concept of Cause & Effect based on Upanishads # Concept of Viswarupa- the cosmic form of God #Qualifications for a seeker #Importance of the knowledge of the SELF…

Highly recommended for the seekers.