Vaidika Sadacharam


Telugu | Talks-14 (mp3 Audio)

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These discourses were delivered by Pujya Acharya Swamiji during Guru Purnima 2018 at Vyakhya – The School of Vedanta Studies at Hyderabad. Over the course of these 14 talks, Pujya Acharya dispels all the mistaken beliefs that are to be blamed for the Hindu Religion in being mislabeled as orthodox, archaic and impractical. Deriving from the background of the Vedas, with many instances quoted from the Scriptures, Pujya Acharya unequivocally establishes the glory of this Vedic Religion in helping us lead a prosperous and purposeful life. These talks focus on the much used words – “Achara and Vyavahara”, their true Vedic import and their significance in our lives.

Some of the important points are –

#Who is a Guru?#Who is a Vaidika? #What is the meaning of “Hindu”? #Acharam-Vyavaharam = Live and Let Live #What is Kramasikshana? #4-Components of Kramasikshana #2-Components of Effort #Vedic Significance of Aesthetic Beauty¬†& Excellence #What is Honesty? #Is Honesty practical? #Importance of Obedience #2-types of Obedience #How to become compassionate? #What is Sincerity?…

Highly recommended for all.