Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam – Vana Parvam – I


Telugu | Talks-54  (mp3 Audio)

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These 54 discourses are a part of the Second phase of  The Mahabharata Project conducted from Feb- March 2017. Mahabharata Jnana Yagnam began in 2016 by Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji Maharaj. These teaching contain lectures from the 158 chapters of Vana Parva. Vana Parva is often overlooked in teachings by many due to its sheer size and abundant informationon the History, geography and deep vedantic teachings. Being a treasure trove of information, it is necessary to have bird’s eye view of the Glory of Bharatakhanda and its Intellectual and Devotional expanse found nowhere else. It undeniably encapulates Sri Mahabharata’s self proclamation – “Yannehasti na tadkvachit” meaning “What is not here is Nowhere else”.

In these 54 discourses, Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji has revealed the hidden secrets of spiritual sadhana in the allegorical teachings of various upakhyanas upto the end of Teertha Yatra Parva. Some of the main topics covered are-

#Kiratarjuneeyam #Urvashi’s curse #Nalopahyana #Astavarkra Upakhyana#Yavakreeta Upakhyana #Gangaavtaranam #Hanuman- Bheema Samvadam#Teertha Yatra niyamam, Mahatmyam & descriptions of various Teerthas and Phalas #Akshaya Patra Samgrahanam #Sri Parashurama Katha # Draupadi-Yudhistira Shastrartham #Kirmeera Vadha  etc…..

Sravanam Recommended along with Panchama Vedam Mahabharata- Adi & Sabha parva (45 lectures in 2016)

Highly recommended for a Hindu.