Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam – Vana Parvam – II


Telugu | Talks-52 (mp3 Audio)

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These 52 discourses from the third phase of Mahabharata Project (MBJY 2018) are a continuation of the chapters from Vana Parva. The teachings of Vana Parva encapsulate the importance of Yagna, Dana and Tapas as the three important means of Spiritual Sadhana. While there is an abundance of exhilaration in the episodes like Bhimasena destroying Lord Kubera’s army, the Vana Parva is also indundated with instances where many Mahatmas visit the Pandavas in exile and answer the astute questions submitted by Sri Yudhishtira thus revealing many subtle points of Dharma. In these discourses,  Pujya Acharya Swamiji teaches the critical aspects of Sadhana as He reveals the Vedantic message hidden in the allegories from Ajagara Parva, Markandeya Samaasya Parva, etc. Some of the main topics covered are-

#5-fold plan for success #Communicating with God #2-Components of Religious Life # Prayatnam & Prarabhdam #Fate vs. Freewill #Varna & Caste #Varna Dharma #4-Karmas for the Highest Attainment #Which virtue is more important? #Dharma – Absolute or Relative? #Why does ‘Bad’ happen to ‘Good People’? #Cycle of Karma #Is there a ‘First Body’? #4-Classifications based on Happiness #Tenets of Karma Siddhanta #What is Swadharma? #How to perform rituals? #Process & Horology of Creation #Description of Yugas and Yuganta #Right Attitude towards Mahatmas #Disadvantages of a long life #Qualities of a Daata #Purifying Wealth #Disqualifications from accepting Daanam #16-types of wasteful Daanam #Glory of Go-Daanam & 4-conditions for Go-Daanam #Importance of Daanam in the after-life #Shoucham & Sadacharam #3-types of Shoucham #4-fold Discipline in Action…

Sravanam Recommended along with Panchama Vedam Mahabharata- Adi & Sabha parva (45 lectures in 2016) & Panchama Vedam Mahabharata- Vana Parva-I (54 lectures in 2017).

Highly recommended for those interested in Vedic teachings and Hindu Religion. This will delight the seekers of Vedanta.