Sri Prahlada Charitamu


Telugu | Talks-3  (mp3 Audio)

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“God displays His glory through the lives of His devotees.”

– Pujya Acharya Vachaspati Sri Prem Siddharth ji

Puranas, when traditionally interpreted, reveal great teachings through easily assimilable allegories. However, the significance of the Puranas in Spiritual study is often undervalued as they are regarded to be myths, stories and poetical exaggerations.
In this series of talks, Pujya Acharya Vachaspati Sri Prem Siddharth ji reveals the symbolisms and motifs hidden behind the episode of Sri Prahlada and the Narasimha Avatara.

Some important topics covered are:
3-aspects of Sri Prahlada’s life #Guna Brahmana #What is Ishwara prapti? #Hiranyaksha & Hiranyakasipu symbology #Greed and Ishwara’s will #Types of Devotees #Guru Krupa #6-aspects that bestow devotion

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