Sri Ramayana Mukhya Slokam


Telugu | Talks-5  (mp3 Audio)

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These discourses were delivered by Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA in June 2018 as a part of the Ramayana Adhyayanam and the Ramanamasankirthan offered on every Ekadasi.

In these talks Puya Acharya Swamiji elaborates on the most important sloka of Sri Valmiki Ramayana as proposed by tradition. Pujya Acharya explains the attitude that needs to be fostered by a Spiritual Seeker and the steps of Spiritual Growth. Some of the important points are:

#Renunciation #4 Classificatons of Spiritual Growth #What is a Home? #Converting relationships to Divine Relationships #Who is a Son of God?  #My work vs. God’s work…

Highly recommended for all.